Muse Extensions

Salon Muse is your choice for luxury hair extensions
in Nanaimo. We proudly Service clients from all over British Columbia looking to achieve the hair of their dreams.

Nanaimo’s Certified
Hair Extension Specialists

Gorgeous Hair Extensions that Look and Feel Natural

Collectively, our team of hair extension artists are certified in over seven methods of hair extension styles. When you book a consultation with one of our hair extension technicians, we’ll help you find the best extensions style for your hair density, budget, and lifestyle.

At Salon Muse, we specialize in hand-tied hair extensions and are grateful to have exclusive access to some of the best, ethically-sourced hand-tied hair on the market that typically lasts our clients up to a year. We service clients from all over Vancouver Island and are known for our seamless blends. Your hair extensions will look and feel so natural nobody will know you are wearing hair extensions.

Hair Extensions Customized to Your Hair Type

Nanaimo’s Blonde & Color Specialists


Hair extensions by Muse means you’ll receive a specific consultation catered to your wants and needs. Select a custom luxury color for your hair, a custom perfectly blended color on your extensions, a flawless install, and a custom-tailored cut.

No Tape, No Glue

Specializing in hand-tied hair extensions means that your hair is installed without tape and without glue. This makes the removal process for your hair extensions very easy. Removing a row of hand-tied extensions takes as little as 5 minutes.

3-4 hours

In just 3-4 hours, your natural hair will be transformed into the hair you’ve always wanted. Our certified hair extensions specialists will ensure you receive a flawless install that looks and feels completely natural; no one will know you have extensions!

hair extensions nanaimo

dont worry, we will give you your custom quote at your complimentary consultation


Maintenance Pricing

salon muse Nanaimo

One row move up: $200+

Two row move up: $300-$400+

Three row move up:$450-$575+

Color Add On:

Toning Glaze $60

Partial Color $150+

Half Color $225+

Full Color $300+

Our clients see us every 7-10 weeks for maintenance.
Blondes require color every 2nd move up to maintain
the extension blend.

Q & A

Where do you get your hair from?

We exclusively use hair from Covet and Mane. It is ethically sourced, silicone free and comes in wavy and straight blends.

We are the only salon on the island using it

Why is the cost so high?

The “install price” at many other salons is only for the hair and the install. Our initial installs include color for your hair, color for the extension hair, and 4 full-size hair products to take home. Plus, we are the only local salon with access to Covet and Mane hair—which is made by hand, not a machine. Our extension artists also have top-of-the-line training, and we pride ourselves on the work we do. Kelsey, the owner and founder of Salon Muse, completed a two-year elite extensions education program, whereas most extension courses are only two days long. If you’re looking for gorgeous high-end, believable hair extensions, Salon Muse is the place to go.

What methods of extensions are you certified in?

Our team has certifications in Natural Beaded Rows, Invisible Bead Extensions, The Mane Method, Bellami Method, and Kelsey’s signature Muse Method. We have studied alongside hair extension artists in California, Vancouver, North Carolina and Atlanta.

Do you offer hair extension maintenance?

All of our clients come back for maintenance every 7-10 weeks. We FULLY remove your extension hair, wash, treat, and reinstall every single move-up for a fresh, gorgeous, believable look every time.

Why are some move-ups $60 at other salons?

Some salons use the method of opening the bead up and pushing it back up to your scalp. While this method takes way less time, it’s not as refined. With our method, we fully remove your extensions, wash your scalp, treat your extensions, and reinstall them in a slightly different spot. Our method keeps your scalp healthy and happy and your hair extensions looking flawless for longer.