Muse Extensions

Salon Muse is your choice for luxury hair extensions in Nanaimo and Cowichan.

Collectively we are certified in over 7 methods of different hair extensions. Methods utilizing hand tied hair is our speciality. We service clients from all over Vancouver Island and are known for our seamless blends. Nobody will know your wearing hair extensions.

We will determine what method would be best for your hair density, budget and lifestyle. We are grateful to have exclusive access to some of the best hand tied hair on the market that typically lasts our clients up to a year.

Get the confidence you have always dreamt of.
You deserve to feel amazing.


When choosing us you will get a specific consultation catered to your wants and needs, a custom color on your hair, a custom perfectly blended color on your extensions, a flawless install, and a custom-tailored cut.

No Tape, No Glue

This makes the removal process easy. It takes 5 minutes to remove your row

3-4 hours

You are transformed in 3-4 hours.

Hair Extensions In Nanaimo and Cowichan
Hair Extensions In Nanaimo and Cowichan
Hair Extensions In Nanaimo and Cowichan

Meet your artists

Kelsey Jahnke

Kelsey Jahnke

Owner, Extensionist, Mentor

Kelsey is the lead stylist, owner, ceo, curator, mentor and whatever other hat you can give her for muse. After searching for an extension method to bring to her blonde clients she found Danielle K White who is the creator of Natural Beaded Rows. She spent two years going back and forth to Laguna Beach, California to specialize in Natural Beaded Rows to be able to bring the best method back to British Columbia. Two years later as methods developed she decided to advance her skill set and became the first stylist on Vancouver Island to be certified in Invisible Bead Extensions and The Mane Method. Fast Forward 4 years and she has created her own method that is customizable to her clients.

She believes in believable, healthy hair with effortless movement, nobody will know you’re wearing extensions.

Facts about Kelsey: mom of 2, loves coffee, obsessed with growth, freepeople is her favourite and designer shoes are her weakness.


Mckenzie Johnson

Stylist+Extension Artist

Mckenzie joined muse and worked under Kelsey for a year learning all the tricks of the trade in regards to hand tied hair extensions. She is the master of coloring extensions and specializes in lived in blondes + brondes. She understands what it’s like having fine limp hair and feeling like you can’t do anything with it. She has been wearing hand tied hair extensions for almost two years now and loves the volume she gets.

If are looking for an extension artist that is laidback, loves realistic looks, natural color then Kenz is your gal.


Kelsey Jahnke
Kelsey Jahnke


Stylist + Extension Artist

Brandi has been in the industry for almost 10 years. She’s a Vancouver gal who made home on the island. When she joined muse she was already doing Bellami methods. Over the course of the 2021 she was taught hand tied extensions “Muse Extensions” which is a method that Kelsey does within the salon. Brandi loves voluminous lived in California blondes and believable hair.

If you are looking for a bubbly extension artist, loves bright blondes then Brandi is the one for you.


Emily Soufane

Lead Stylist+Extension Artist

Emily is our lead stylist and educator within the salon. She is our newest extensionist and Kelsey has been training her for the past several months on the art of Muse Extensions, coloring wefts and making sure your blend is seamless! 

If are looking for an artist that’s outgoing, bubbly and a wiz at color, Emily is your girl!


Kelsey Jahnke

Pricing Investment for install

Installs include: hand tied hair, colour for your hair, colour for extension hair, installation, hair cut and take home products

14 ” Installs

For the lobs

One Row 14″ 900-1200+

Two Rows 14″ 1450-1650+

18″ Installs

most popular

One Row 18″ 1350-1500

Two Rows 18″ 1750-1950+

Three Rows 18″ 2400+

22″ Installs

for the mermaids

One Row 22″ 1600-1750

Two Rows 22″ 2250-2450+

Three Rows 22″ 3000+

24-28″ hair

Available by request

and custom to each

individual after a consultation.

Q & A

Where do you get your hair from?

We exclusively use hair from Covet and Mane. It is ethically sourced, silicone free and comes in wavy and straight blends.

We are the only salon on the island using it

Why are you more expensive than other local places?

Our initial installs include color for your hair, color for the extension hair and 4 full size hair products to take home. Many salons “install price” is only for the hair and the install. We are the only place locally with access to Covet and Mane hair and the hair is made by hand vs a machine. Our training is top of the line and we pride ourselves on the work we do. Secondary, our owner, was in an elite extension education program for two years vs a lot of extension courses these days are only 2 days long.

Methods we are certified in?

Natural Beaded Rows, Invisible Bead Extensions, The Mane Method and Bellami Methods. We have learnt from artists in California, Vancouver and Atlanta.

Maintenance ?

All of clients come back for maintenance every 7-10 weeks. We FULLY remove your extension hair, wash, treat and reinstall every single move up. 

Why are some move ups $60 at other salons?

Some methods teach to simply open the bead up and push it back up to your scalp. Doing an extension move up this way takes way less time. With our method we fully remove your extensions, wash your scalp , treat your extensions and reinstall in a slightly different spot.