Extension Aftercare

You just invested in extensions, how you treat them between visits will determine how long they will last you.
Please carefully read through all of our aftercare.

Wash + Condition

  • brush before you go in the shower
  • NEVER go in the shower with tangles
  • Use your product we recommended for you. Shampoo twice if you go awhile between washes.
  • Put your fingers in a “peace” sign and turn your hands sideways to scrub underneath and on top of your rows
  • condition from mids to ends. No need to condition your roots
  • Use a mask once a week! We recommend Loreal Molecular or Loreal Pro Longer

Brush + Blowdry

  • Ring out the excess water + spray with your detangler
  • Using your wet brush start brushing in sections while being careful NOT to catch your weft. Place your opposite hand at the base of your weft the entire time to avoid tension.
  • Apply a leave in cream recommended by your muse stylist.
  • Apply mids-ends Start with a rough blow dry until it is 90% dry. We suggest to use a jaw clip and blow dry section by section.
  • If you want to use a brush, do not round brush until it is nearly dry to avoid tension on the base of your extensions.


  • Any hot tools can damage when excessively. Try to limit curling to once/twice a week. Braiding your curled hair at night will hold your style.


  • Brush your hair before bed and either wear it in loose braids or a low pony.
  • bonus points if you use a silk pillow case
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Recommended Products

we got you covered! Click here for our collection of extension approved products.