Muse mastermind Education

Cultivating confidence in stylists behind the chair and behind their business.

Tired of learning techniques that you might only use once a year or marketing techniques that aren’t relevant anymore? us too.

​We do not offer your average “look and learn” class. We offer fun, personable and intimate classes and shadowing programs tailored to you. We want to get to know you, follow your journey and see you succeed.




Welcome to the Muse Mastermind

The Educators

Kelsey Jahnke



Hey ! Im Kels, I am the curator of Salon Muse, Haus of Muse and The Muse Method. I currently run and operate three businesses and have two kiddos at home. I have a passion for education within our industry and elevating stylists minds to charge what they are worth and to get out of that “scarcity” mindset. I lead the business side of our classes + the extensions workshop. My goal is to make these classes as fun and personable as possible. I truly want to see each of you succeed in this industry!

Emily Soufane



Hey guys, I’m Em! My passion for education

started when I got my first assistant. Teaching her ignited my love for helping others. I teach the color portion and photography of our classes! I may tell an awkward joke multiple times in our classes so promise to laugh k!

Backstory about me! I joined muse in 2018 and within two years I had a waitlist for clients and am currently a 6 figure stylist on commission. I went from working 5 days a week and double booking all of my clients to working three days a week without my income changing. We are here to change your mindset and elevate your career. My favourite part of teaching is seeing our students using our tips and tricks afterward! Hope to see your beautiful face in one of my classes.

Upcoming classes

Shadowing One Day

Shadow with Emily or Kelsey and customize your one on one learning experience. Our shadowing program will be a full 8-10 hour day.

  • Choose what color applications or extension services you want to shadow prior to coming in for a fully customized experience
  • Salon owners wanting to chat business should shadow with Kelsey
  • No question is off the table! We are an open book
  • Lunch and Coffee Provided
  • Shadowing takes place at our main salon in Nanaimo
  • We will cover not only color and extensions but our photography/editing
  • Shadowing is the most unique and personal way to learn. From experience you will learn way more from shadowing than you would from a class.
$699 / Emily
$899/ Kelsey
Second time shadowing 25% off original price

Muse Extension Course

This course is a three day course that will teach you everything you need to know about our extension method utilizing hand tied hair. This course is 100% hands on. This is not a look and learn class.



  • The Method
  • Hair Extension Coloring and Blending
  • Practice extension wefts for coloring
  • Placement of wefts
  • Pricing
  • How to profit as a stylist and owner
  • How to source hair and what to look for
  • Business side of extensions
  • How to convert your business to extensions
  • Work on a Mannequin and LIVE model.
  • Full Kit Provided
  • Lunch and Beverages Provided

Investment: $1699 ($500 Deposit)


 January 8th, 9th and 15th

Email to sign up


Color Classes

Taught by our lead stylist Emily and Kelsey we offer small intimate color classes teaching techniques that your clients will ask you for e v e r y d a y 


Bold Dimensional Blonde X Platinum Blonde

Emily will be teaching the dimensional blonde while Kelsey will be teaching the platinum blonde.

We will go over:

Color Placement



Hairline Detail






Take home manual of formulas

Lunch and beverages provided

Product Kit for take home provided



To book a class

If you are interested in booking one of our classes or scheduling a shadowing date please email and our coordinators will get back to you within 2 business days. We cannot wait to elevate your career and welcome you to the M U S E mastermind. You won’t regret it.